April 27, 2007



April 13, 2007

Bomb it : A global graffiti documentary

As a regular reader of WoosterCollective site, we keep on learning about street art and what is going on around the world's street art. and recently we came accross with their article about BOMB IT a global graffiti documentary featuring street artists and graffiti writers from 5 continents...

Seing the trailer gave us a glimpse of inspiring works and point of views about street art that we recommend for all of us to see. hopefully BOMB IT will soon land in our shores, in the meantime lets enjoy the trailer...

here are some words from Wooster Collective...
After more than two years of traveling the world interviewing hundreds of artists and people connected to the scene, Jon Reiss and Tracy Wares' documentary, BOMB IT, will be having it's world premier at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27th at 7:00pm @ AMC 34th Street 12 W. 34th Street, NYC.

Not only does the film feature people like Chaz from London Police, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, etc... but also some of the living legends of the graff world that few have seen yet: Taki 183, Cornbread, and Revs are in it too.

From Tracy - "We are focusing on issues of public space and the right of individuals to interfere with our visual landscape as much as corporations and advertising. We hope to send a strong message in support of street art and the freedom of expression especially in these post 9/11 draconian times."

You can check out their MySpace page on the project here.
*we would like to express our maraming salamat to WoosterCollective for allowing us to share this article to you.

Zeus in Sta.Rosa Laguna

in Balibago, Laguna

April 04, 2007

Vermonyo hits Sta. Rosa!

Stencil Specialist Vermonyo recently hits Sta. Rosa with this life-size figure tagging pilipinas street plan, much respect to vermonyo! reprasent!