March 10, 2012

Instantinopol 2: Gene Pendon

Gene Starship is back!
Instantinopol na naman! Artist talk at 8PM followed by art jam and music
THE CubaoX is the place beybe! Gaya ng dati, kanya kanyang dala ng pintura

HVW8 Art Installation mural at the HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles

March 06, 2012

Magtanim ay 'di biro by Brian Barrios

This is Art: Cebu Graffiti

About: In this episode we feature UBEC Crew, the predominent Graffiti Crew from Cebu, Philippines and discuss their scene and what motivates them to do what they do. Also featured in this episode is music from local artist Budoy and Hip Hop musicians Knives Everdope and Big Ram.


Events this March 2012

5 Channels
by Marcushiro & Fabo
March 7, 2012 6PM
Secret Fresh
Ronac Art Center

March 11, 2012 6PM
Ronac Art Center

by Mark Salvatus

March 15 2012, 6PM
with special performance by Monochrome
Ateneo Art Gallery

from Music to Art to Lifestyle

Jeff Quintano, Kelvin Co, Bam Marillo & K'O
March 17, 2012
The Alternative Gallery, 2nd floor of THE
Cubao X

Rice Radio @ Kalye Art Gallery
March 19, 2012

Stencil Fest @ KALYE Gallery

Tapio Snellman in Cubao

photo by Arianna Draws

Night Rollers

night rollers from arthur tavera on Vimeo.

Tiger Translate Manila Anjo Bolarda X Juanito Maiquez

update from Knoter

National Zero at THE

 Photos by POP Art Pilipinas

We Heart Cavite

Wrapo X Lamok

Nico paulo & PRSS, Pampanga