April 25, 2008

Ebliss' step by step guide on stick ups in Melacca!

1. watch the passerby, if they seem to look at u suspiciously, give them an honest appreciation with your middle finger!

2. without losing your cool, let your arty hands work.
3. hold for a while and woohoo for cute girls. You need them for a sake of relaxation during the process of making art.

4. do the hands dance. make it fast, make it last. 5. stick it and leave it.

6. God bless the soldiers.

Ungga fresh from Tacloban city

Ungga daytime bombing
Tacloban City

April 23, 2008

PANGARAP teaser 1 by JPacena

Inihahandog ng PiLLBox
sa tulong ng Fourthdoor at ng Fat Belly Inc.

ang bagong music video ng pinakamabilis
na rapper ng Pilipinas...


Marikina Heaven Spot

in the beautiful city of Marikina by
kaz from ins/spt, demo(ins/spt) and grim (sba/mgk).

aBOMBmovement in Cavite

April 17, 2008

Oplan Bura Okto in Edsa

ready to buff!

"Triptych Love" @ Carbon

Melancholy, KrayolaEater, T-linc, Whooop, Dolls Machine, BXC,Chill, Juan234, Otcho, KULAB, at si Joel Quinonez.....
photos by John Alexis De Jesus.

April 16, 2008

Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV

for photos and more of the story drop by Daily Mail UK

Another graff piece featured on a video

Yes it is our very own matha TLINC whose graff peice is featured on the latest video for Coca Cola. It's good to see that street things are becoming a part of the moving pinoy culture. big ups!

April 10, 2008

Mabuhay Manila! Rise and shine! paste ups!

DRGN (aka Daddy's Boy) X Krayola Eater X Okto X Boyagimat
Espana - Lacson - Recto
* also seen on these photos: Egg, Lostdyan, and anonymous eyeless monster

Second Hand Beginnings @ White Box


Anak ng Ilog! Makati

Lextrip, Egg, Deep


OUTLINE Films&MediaProducti on

OUTLINE Films&MediaProducti on


April 16, 2008
1PM onwards
Scarlet Homes Clubhouse,
Moonwalk, Parañaque

*For inquiries & registration
contact the following numbers:
Outline - 9731422
Recci - 09164436883
Chai - 09062023797
or email - outline_production@ yahoo.com



A dynamic group exhibition of 45 international artists in the graffiti/street/low brow art scene.
with artists from Australia, Japan, Hongkong, London, United states and our very own Samowel.

MAY 3, 2008 PABLO gallery Cubao X


April 09, 2008

Cebu Street Plan: KOLOWN

Colon Street is a crowded street in downtown Cebu City that is often called the oldest street in the Philippines. It is named after Christopher Columbus. It traces its origins to the town plan by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador who arrived in the Philippines to establish a colony in 1565.

Colon, a bit run-down now, was the site of fashionable shops, offices and movie houses. It was once the heart of Cebu City's shopping and business activity, but recently Kolown colonized the streets of Cebu!

1. Stickers by Ivan, BartBombsWorld, SamPipeBomb, Kolown, Tristan, and Rotten. Telephone Box near UP Cebu
2. Archbishop Reyes. St. Graffiti by Ivan
3. Plank, Road going to Ayala
4. "Andres Bonifacio: the original gangster" posters, Escario St.

Kolown claims himself to be more of an artist working on public art, than a rebel street vandal. It is unbelievable that. though his public art thesis proposal has ultimately been denied by his Fine Arts professors, he still continues to pursue it despite the expenses and energy this movement costs him.

Whether the case that this is merely an act of obsessive, egotist sensationalism is true or not, and though Kolown may not have been the first to have deconsecrated a wall with a can of spraypaint, it is undeniable that Kolown is the pioneer at attempting to bring Cebuano Street Graffiti within the context of Fine Art.

thanks to Senyor Uzi! http://uzii.multiply.com/

U-bec crew & Ivan Zaldarriaga from Cebu

BITE Magazine presents: Graffiti Expressions in Cebu
photos by Senyor Uzi - PSP's ambassador in the Queen City of the South

April 06, 2008

PSP at C Arts Magazine - Asian Contemporary Art & Culture

C Arts Vol 01
January-February 2008 issue
by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez
printed in Singapore