April 26, 2010




SUBMISSION DEADLINE MAY 03, 2010 up to 6PM Only.

1. Competition is open to all 18yrs. old to 35yrs old Filipinos who are students, enthusiasts, and practicing street artists.

2. Graffiti Art should be created only during the stated contest period (MARCH 01 to MAY 02, 2010) within The Republic of The Philippines.

3. A contestant may submit one (1) entry only.

4. Participants will be asked to create a Graffiti Art on Legal or allowed spaces showing a design/art interpretation of "MARKADONG ESPASYO (Marked Spaces)”. The artists will create a graffiti art of anything they want to show, design, paint or a statement considering that they need to include the word "Markado" on their artwork.

5. Participants will then submit a Photograph of their Artwork on site (Fullshot and Detail Shot), A map of where their Art is located with complete address and a signed letter stating that the owner of the space indeed allowed them to create the art piece to their wall or space. Use of logos and brand names, foul language and violent actions are grounds for immediate disqualifications.

6. Entries shall be submitted on or before the deadline in digital copy in Data DVD or Data CD (JPEG format only), with at least 280/300 DPI and A Hard Copy printed in 8R Photo Paper. Place it inside a brown envelope together with the corresponding entry form (Will be provided upon submission of entries), Map showing the exact location of the artwork and the written agreement between the artist and space owner and submit to Pinoy Events Management

7. Entries submitted should be accompanied with a duly filled out and signed Graffiti Art Entry Form.

8. No name or any mark identifying the artist shall be included in the photo itself. Only Pseudo-Names or Alias will be allowed.

9. Post-processing on the submitted photo documentation of your work is not allowed.

10. Entries should not be submitted or to be submitted to any other competition, owned by other entity, nor subject of any copyright issue.

10. All Entries submitted will not be used for any commercial purposes other than the marketing collaterals, documentation and publication of “Markado” on future events with full acknowledgment artist’s name without any monetary compensation or anything of pecuniary value, if used. The artist retains full copyright/intellectual property right over the submitted entry.

11. There will be 10 finalists but only 3 will be awarded as winners. The Judges and Organizing Committee will do their best to visit the 10 Finalist Graffiti Artworks on site to be properly evaluated. Announcement of Winners will be at the closing program of the event on May 7, 2010 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex Manila Philippines

The primary organization, together with the creative consultant and the logistics arm for the graffiti art contest shall oversee the selection of finalists and winners of top three prizes. They shall also select competent judges.

12. Non-finalist entries will be kept by Organizing Committee within thirty (30) days from the date of declaration and awarding of winners, otherwise, the same shall be disposed of properly to prevent unauthorized use.

13. Judges' decision is final.

14. Violation of any above-stated rules and/or non-compliance of the same shall be a ground for automatic disqualification.

15. Organizing Committee and creative consultant and their relatives up to the third civil degree of consanguinity and affinity are disqualified from joining the competition.

With a Certificate of Recognition signed by the Judges, Organizing Committee Head and Creative Consultant.


HOTLINE +63(2) 6641639 or +63(2) 4862221

April 24, 2010

Rah! Rah! Rah! IRA!

We really like the summer, but this scorching heat is unbearable... and one hot moma is making a heat wave in the street art scene.  Boyagimat recently talked to one of the most promising female street artists in the Metro- teaching kids and the kid-at heart how to appreciate art in a different perspective... meet Ira...

BA- Boyagimat

BA:. When & how did you start doing graffiti/street art?

IR: I did my first piece late in 2008 in my hometown (Zamboanga City). I continued painting when I came back here in Manila. I started really with stickers. I was chatting with Whooop once and he told me he had made stickers that day. I've never tried making my own stickers, so I asked him how, and tried making my own. It's always exciting to do something new. Although I’m still not that used to sticker-bombing. I always get guilty. Then Exld invited me to some paint productions and introduced me to some artists. Then everything just went on from there.

BA: For you what is street art/graffiti? And why are you doing these practice

IR: for me, street art is...art on the streets. it doesn't just mean paintings on the wall..it can be something as random as a red tree in the middle of the road. :)

I've loved drawing and painting ever since I was a kid. My mom would let me paint on the bathroom tiles and her pots and vases. Painting “outside my house” was something new and exciting. I do street art for a number of reasons. I like to give people something they could interact with. Sometimes I like to bring out a message. Sometimes I just like to add color someplace. Sometimes I like to do something for my kids. Sometimes I just like to add more turtles on the streets. Painting outside is so much fun because you get to meet new people and have some fun time with the children who stop by and watch. I think street art can inspire people in a number of ways..I just hope to inspire people in a good way.

BA: Who are your influences?

IR: Banksy, Blu, Roa, Invader mga malulupit. I think they are pure genius. mga UBEC artists. I don't really remember most names..pero yung mga pieces na nakikita ko sa internet. I also like getting ideas from kids.

BA:  What can you say about “graffiti & street art” as a male dominated arena?

IR: ayus lang. hehehe. mahirap lang pag yung ibang tao masama agad iniisip pag mga kasama mo puro lalaki. but there are a lot of really good female graff artists. I especially like MAD C. I think it's the same as like breakdancing. It used to be considered male-dominated, but when you see girls who could do headstands, handstands, and breakdance like crazy, malupit di ba? Or driving a trike. Tricycle drivers are males. But when you see a female trike driver. WOW. malupit! hahahaha!

BA:  Is there a disadvantage and advantage of being a female in this kind of artistic line?

IR: wala naman disadvantage. advantage siguro madali lang magpaalam ng spot. chaka people think right away you're going to paint something beautiful kahit nagpapaalam ka pa lang.

  Have you ever been caught?

IR: nope. i don't like to do anything illegal. i like to be a responsible artist.

BA:  What is your memorable experience in doing this kind of stuff? Or memorable piece?

lahat naman ata memorable sakin kasi each comes with a different experience and new set of people you meet. yung sa Zamboanga memorable syempre kasi first piece ko yun. Yung ginagawa ko ngayon sa tapat namin sa St. Joseph Compound, memorable kasi kung di dahil sa pagpaint ko, di ko makikilala lahat ng mga neighbors ko sa compound na yun. Chaka di ko matitikman yung masarap na avocado ice candy dun. hehe :)

BA:  You seem to be one of the only few active female graffiti/street artist in Manila, or even in the Philippines- what keeps you moving?

it's my playtime. pag hilig mo talaga, at enjoy ka dun, walang makakapigil sayo. It’s always an adventure. My passion, my fellow artists, my students, the children I see and meet, and the endless messages of inspiration all keep me moving. Plus the exciting reality that there’s always something new and better and fresh you can do.

  Who do you usually tag with? Crew? Etc?

IR: i write my name (Ira) sometimes, yung crew ko...Pilipinas Street Children. hahaha! inde. I don't belong to any crew. sometimes I go paint by myself, sometimes with different artists.

BA: What can you say about the street art / graffiti art scene in Manila and the Philippines in general?

IR: Dope! Sick! Ill! Canz up! Hehehe. Joke lang. dumadami mga artists at crews. Dumadami din mga lumalaki ulo at nanggugulo. Dumadami din ang patuloy na dinedevelop ang craft nila. Yung iba di ko alam kung nakikisabay o nakiki-“uso”. Akala ko dati lahat ng street artists masaya at mabait…me mga magulo din pala. Hehehe. Sa streets naman…more new things pa…bigger, better, fresher things :)

BA:  What are your future plans as a street artist?

IR: madami…nagpapapigil lang talaga oras at pera. Hehe. Gusto ko talaga gumawa ng giant piece. Yung parang buong building. Gusto ko din gumawa ng piece na lapis lang gagamitin ko. I also want to learn how to make stencils. I also want to write bible verses (or inspiring quotes) on the streets. Iniimagine ko isang tao na naglalakad lang, tapos bigla nya makita yung verse, tapos mapapareflect siya. Or yung taong laging dumadaan sa overpass, tapos gagawin niyang daily prayer yung verse na andun. Dami ko naiimagine. Hehe. Gusto ko din gumawa ng mga silhouettes lang tlg ng real people. Yung halimbawa me dumaan na tao/stranger/new friend, tapos trace mo katawan niya sa wall tapos kulayan lang 1 color. Gusto ko din gumawa ng parang treasure hunt. Halimbawa pili ako ng isang poem tapos sulat ko yung mga stanza sa iba’t ibang lugar. Parang maze. Hehehe. Hanapin mo yung sunod na linya. Or pwede din comics type..hanapin mo yung next episode sa ibang lugar para malaman ano mangyayari next. Gusto ko din makahanap ng magsosponsor ng lahat ng paints ko. Hahaha!

BA: Can you give some advice to aspiring female graffiti artists out there? Looks like female artists are too shy to go out and do their thing…

IR: don’t stop learning. And if you’re happy doing it, as long as you’re not hurting anybody or doing anybody any wrong, I think it’s ok that you go out and do it. Sabi din sa More Than A Game, “If you want something you’ve never had…you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” (Go Lebron! Hehe) Keep smiling and spread more love and happiness with your art. We need that. The world needs that. :) and just love art. i think that is most important. you gotta love everything about art.

BA: Any shoutouts?

my family, highschool and college classmates, CLAYSHOP, Singles for Christ
-to all PSP, M69, UBEC, ICG, PSI, KST and all artists
-Gloc9, Wentworth Miller, Ellen Degeneres, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Lebron James, Manny Pacquiao, at marami pang iba. Haha! Mababasa kaya nila to?

you can check most of her stuff at her FB account - http://www.facebook.com/iratan13?v=photos&sb=0#!/iratan13

April 22, 2010

Mid East Report: WOMAD 2010

Bonz, Choly & The Defer, together with The Brown Monkeys, are bound to Abu Dhabi UAE this weekend for WOMAD 2010.

Click here to know more about the event: http://www.womadabudhabi.ae/

April 15, 2010

EPJAY pays homage to Palito


Palito (September 4, 1934 – April 12, 2010[1]) was a veteran Filipino slapstick comedian and actor who was at the height of his career in the nineteen seventies and eighties. He was well-known for his unusually light and thin anatomy, thus earning him the self-deprecating screenname Palito, which is Spanish for stick, understood in Filipino as matchstick or toothpick.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palito


29.201O .at KAYLE GALLERY, Manila

April 14, 2010

Ungga Project 101

this was monica's idea, the PROJECT 101.
this is all about the street that includes street children, abandoned building,and street art.
as she believes that the children are the future , the urban jungle is ours not theirs,
everything that exist is art even tho if its a broken mirror, newspapers that are scattered and posters that are peeling off.

as a photographer she capture the inner soul of each youth. its not just about being cool, being in a gang, just hanging around or just bumming...its all about how to live life.
we learn from them and they'll learn from us.

 artworks by: UNGGA


April 06, 2010

WE LIVE - THE Projects

We Live is a movement to open our minds and other people's minds - to let them know we exist, that art lives on the streets, that graffiti speaks. We each have our own reasons why we put up our Art and Letters on the streets, and we would like to remind you of those reasons.

Pedestrians and commoners may value street art differently; the same way that we do our art for our own reasons. We could say it is for passion, for leisure, for money, or for fame. But there's only one encompassing truth with what we do - WE make art LIVE.

We live.

We live by taking art from our canvasses to our streets, and from the streets to our galleries, to magazines, to music, fashion and the worldwide web.

We Live is more than a project. It's a call to action. A movement. A means of propaganda to get our word out on the streets. We want people to look rather than to see. And we are here to educate so they can learn to appreciate.

We live


Master PSP has a new blog!

check it out - http://unggapsp.blogspot.com/

Fresh wall from PEK

Diyos Na Bahala by uniko-indio

Bacolod Graffiti