January 12, 2011

I Miss You Book


"I MISS YOU" is an art-project of a small group of people from Germany and Switzerland.

photo documentations and interviews by MACE of True Type Squad, while they were here in PH.
from North to South
works by
SBA (flip1, bonz)
PSI (xzyle)
PSP (ungga)
TWSC (mano, dop, pump)
UBEC (mga amigos ko bart and the rest of the crew)
IMISSYOU (mace, nora and ronja from Germany)

January 01, 2011

Top 10 of '10

10. Emerging street art cities aside from Metro Manila and Cebu: Tacloban, Dagupan, Davao, Bacolod, Rizal area… and emerging street art crews that are also making their marks.

9. Active female street artists – Koo koo and Ira – we want to see more in 2011!

8. VR participated in Benguet Artist Summit selected by National Artist Ben Cab

7. HA!? – a DIY collaboration of artists all over the world thru online exhibition

6. Academic research about street art in the Philippines- more and more university students are doing research about street art… making it as their report or thesis topic in Sociology, Art History and Psychology classes.

5. Collaborative project between street artists and DLSU-CSB students ‘Off the Wall’ project that includes exhibition, workshops, lectures and presentations.

4. Exhibition of Kolown and Deform at Kalye Gallery

3. Curated and thematic street art survey of PSP exhibited at Lopez Museum

2. Wall Lords Philippines all the crews and participants and organizers / Shanghai leg represented by Ungga, Egg, Xld

1. Philippine street art scene is maturing – featured in some international street art books and magazines.

We can see that we are not only invading the streets or public spaces but all spaces – from museums, Sociology classes inside the classrooms and in your minds… Thank you to all who supported us and cheers to 2011!

Compiled by PSP

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