November 12, 2009

Davao Street Art

We got this email from Davao for us to post photos that she has. But rather we decided to feature and give props about this project of our friend Delirium1986 about Davao Street Art- She started documenting Street Art sightings in Davao to Her appreciation of it. Along side with Her on-going project, She's also a frequent contributor over at mapping the locations of street art in the city and elsewhere she's been to.

"I started this project of documenting the existing (and growing number of) street art in Davao late last year. I have long been developing an obsession for street art that everytime I'm walking the streets or riding in jeeps I could not resist looking for notable yet sometimes unseen street art." - Delirium198

Keep it up po!

November 09, 2009

Noynoy addresses graffiti

Graffiti will always be with us, he (Noynoy) says, more or less. He is no ersatz or pa-scholar as to cite the caves at Lascaux. The farthest he goes back is “Kilroy was here.” And he even admits to once having Pentel-penned an anti-Macoy slogan on the back of a classroom chair...

more of the article here:

Hmmm... they are actually reading our blog... Is Noynoy jumping on the youth culture about this kind of (art) movement... Do you want us to tag Noynoy on the streets? Snore... because graffiti/street art is one of the most powerful tool of communication to the masses- which is directed on the streets to the people- Our streets are bombarded with corporate and polical ads and now graffiti is invading our cities which is more direct and more truthful. We can remeber that Shephard Fairey's iconic Obama posters was one of the most powerful images being created on his presidential campaign, although Fairey said that his posters are not directly part of the Obama campaign, it made a huge impact on the American voters. Well what do you think?

November 02, 2009

Make Believe

Darrel Ballesteros' First Solo Exhibition
@ PaBLO Gallery Cubao
Nov 7, 2009 / 6PM