June 24, 2012

Karatula Presents ART & PUBLIC SPACES

Above are highlights from the ART & PUBLIC Spaces talk and workshop held yesterday, June 23, 2012 at the KARATULA HQ. This is in preparation to the upcoming Graffiesta which will be held on July 8 (Bombahan) and on July 23 (SONA street painting). Talks were given by Antares Gomez and Ang Gerilya, an active group of street artists. Photo courtesy of Ang Gerilya

Prime Walls

GORI rocks a wall and collabs with Brian Barrios and KESO on the same day at Valenzuela City, Philippines.

June 20, 2012


Philippines---KARATULA, a non-stock, non-profit organization of youth artists and cultural workers is holding its annual Graffiesta, a series of street art and graffiti events aimed at bringing art closer to the masses and the youth. Graffiesta brings together street artists and graffiti artists in street painting events that culminate in July 23, 2012 at Commonwealth.

For inquiries and confirmation of your participation, contact LORI at 09064757739.

June 12, 2012

June 26, 2012

In a world of whimsy that has seen a resurgence of the interest in the fantastic, Nemo’s work presents a collision of Zombie Apocalyptic scenes and bright pre-school colors, a marriage of fairytales and the creatures that lurk in Ozzy Osbourne’s drug-addled nightmares. There’s something so beautiful in the faces and images that he paints on the canvas, an underlying aesthetic charm that escapes words, making his surrealistic take on the world, images of part monsters, part delusions and part human subjects a visceral experience that goes beyond the usual ideas of beauty. Welcome to a dirty, gritty, but all so colorful rollercoaster ride down happy trippy town. Welcome to “Beauty is in the Eye of the Tiger”.


KoloWn in Tacloban

Red on Red

RAI CRUZ in Las Piñas City

June 10, 2012

SEE HUE at GK Sunshineville!

SEE HUE at the GK SUNSHINEVILLE from Cartier Gabrino on Vimeo.

The homeowners of Gawad Kalinga Sunshineville in Las Piñas City saw sunshine and colors when various street and visual artists painted their homes last June 3, 2012 for the See Hue Project. Among the artists who participated were Cavity Collective, Kalye Kolektib, Ang Gerilya , Garapata Man , I'M: Inspire Me, and MST crew.