September 27, 2007

Boy Agimat Siesta in Barcelona 07

Boy Agimat is learning flamenco and cooking paella in Barcelona... but after dinner at 2pm it's time for his favorite past time which is siesta... Hooking up with two great graffiti artist in Barca - Ibie and Edjinn of VSS Crew they decided to paint the wall of Sant Andreu... and the rest is history... good thing there is no guardia civil in the corner... check more of their stuff at

September 26, 2007

Piedra Boxing Remix

PSP was invited by dj Stephan of Soundsgood Manila along side with his great mixes and nice beats to do some live art at Piedra, a cozy lounge located at the Fort Taguig City. This is part of tuesday nights of creative music and art where PSP decided to do some live boxing literally... with Boy Agimat, Analog Robots, Bru, Mutationation, Basurobots, Deformindustry, Maskotero, A.lien, Krayolaeater, Whooop, Melancholy, T-Linc, Egg, Bleeding Dreams, Jood, Doggie and Niko. PSP also enjoyed some free red wines... but still we prefer beer... hehehehe... Round 2?

September 24, 2007


ABS-CBN commisioned PSP to do 3 backdrops for the traffic,weather and animalandia portion of the early morning talk show "Umagang kay Ganda"
with Maskotero, Krayola Eater, A.lien, Egg Fiasco, Mutationation, Ungga and T-linc
The 2 AM call time is not a joke... but the experience was super... "PSP kay Ganda"

Blank Wall Anxiety Exhibit

Laong Laan, Sampaloc, Manila
Blank Wall grapika, the House of endless creativity
The entire house from the living room to the kitchen were not spared from heebie-jibbies of the wall
thanks to Egg - our main project curator... el guapo!

On the Write Side

if you're gonna type pilipinas street plan on your search engines, you'll be redirected to a bundle of nice links containing stuffs about PSP. After a year of hardwork in showcasing and giving our viewer a different sense of art definition, we at PSP are very much happy of the outcome so far. Some of them finds it very interesting and writes good things about our blog. Here's one of them.

osnat writes: Art comes in many formes, and many times the best galleries are out on the streets. Right under our nose, if we open our eyes, we can discover many beautiful things. Pilipinas Street Plan is a blog that help us discover some of those hidden candies. It's updated frequently and brings many colorfull arty corners from the street to your screen. Cooooool!

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thanks so much osnat!