August 20, 2007

signal number 50/50

50/50Nico Puertollano's 2nd Solo Exhibit for 2007
Consistently putting skateboard decks inside galleries, as an artist and skateboarder, Nico Puertollano welcomes us to his world of half art and half-skating. This time around Nico explores his own cultural identity. Born and raised in Manila, Nico's family moved to NYC when he was 9 years old, enabling him to experience and share the lifestyle of most Americans. Oddly though, it was in the West where Nico's fascination for Japanese culture flourished. This fascination led him to travel, discover and learn the curiosities of the Far East. Nico also adapts the undying honor and moral fiber that is distinctive of the Bushido Code.
Now, Nico is back in the Philippines and continues his personal journey expressed through art. 50/50 is an examination of where these three cultural identities have taken him so far; whether they have been fruitful, virtuous or illuminating, Nico's deep exploration is shared through the viewer through this exceptional collection of skateboards. Armed with the skateboard in its naked glory, the pieces likewise remain simple, truthful and carved with insight that only one's soul can express.
50/50 marks Nico Puertollano's 2nd solo and his 8th art show for this year. Pablo Art Gallery, Cubao Shoe Expo, 7 pm, August 18, Saturday.Call or text 0915-8505861 for details