August 19, 2007


For years Manila and Quezon City streets became an open ground for a familiar handwriting and quotes like Sto. Niño Win Nice, Lim Win Nice, Gloria Win Nice and what's really nice about all of these writings are that it is actually a positive point of view in a sense according to some source that had an opportunity to talk with the writer. Despite of the writer’s true condition, being anonymous and speculations that the writer is a homeless man, "taong-grasa", etc., some curious spectators and actually real fans (including us) are really in the lookout and wants to find out more about these handwritings.

Recently some friends caught the writer in the act of writing on the backside of a bus somewhere in Blumentrit area doing one of his newest quotes the "VS. Series" (where he puts personality names vs. other names or words vs. words), that is for us very surprisingly to know that this writer's street works are really in progress. But as expected, the writer walked away after the writings are done like a normal street writer would do. Nice? With fans like us and people who sees essence of his work, we'll make sure that this "urban legend's" works are always greatly appreciated and properly acknowledged. NICE