January 23, 2008



Collaboration is a human activity. Activity is the basic unit of analysis to study human behavior. There are 3 classifications of collaboration: (1) coordination , in which 2 or more individuals achieve a common goal, (2) cooperation – in which 2 or more individuals take to attain multi-directional goals and (3) is co-construction, in which the goals are un-defined.

In multi-directional dependencies, these classifications take into effect as the artist tries to merge different facets of his life to create a definition of himself, an explanation, and more importantly an understanding of the many levels that he has. He uses images that are easily recognizable and readily understood but at the same time inter-played with arrows, bursts of paint and canvas “spikes” to relay the many paths that the artist walks. The artist uses his environment as his stimuli to find his role and to give meaning to his existence.

He is a man of relationships - social, personal and emotional.

His art is an amalgam of these relationships.

The works are done in acrylic on canvasses. Combining fashion illustration and graffiti style arrows, insinuate the collaboration of two different but coordinating facets of the artist.

CLiNT production designer / art director / W.O.R.M.S. designer / gallery manager