March 02, 2009


Match between Phantom Street Artist & Shepard Fairey!

“Jack’d in da Hood” has a jumbo beef with Shepherd Fairey and Obey Giant Art, Inc.
“They’re exploitive media whores jacking references from historic cultures for their own selfish interests. The Phantom Street Artist explains Shepard Fairey “does not represent the voice of the populace but he is the voice of the Elitist Media disguised.” He is nothing other then a consumer being consumed
buying media time buying publicity buying legal representation to justify his infringed violations buying everything to present himself as a legit street artist.

The Phantom Street Artist goes on to explain, that Modern mass media, Network, museums and galleries are often historically used by hegemonic institutions to seduce public and popular opinion. Shepard Fairey recent Retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston on February 6th 2009 is an example of a conjured 20 year retrospective. The ICA was once a reputable Museum which has
chosen to support over a decade of Fairey's unapologetic infringed actions.
The Phantom Street Artist was quoted in review of my performance as a cultural critique whether it be a staged act or a fight in the cage interest is interested in initiating a debate which critically goes beyond the valuation of a given work of art, forcing one to question, modify, develop, refine one's
own independent value system.
“It is a sign of the degeneration of our society and culture which is being conformed by mediocrity by the likes of Shepard Fairey and OBEY as well as his publication SWINDLE as the true life metaphor to inveigle beliefs systems and values all in the interest of mammon.”

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