April 06, 2010

WE LIVE - THE Projects

We Live is a movement to open our minds and other people's minds - to let them know we exist, that art lives on the streets, that graffiti speaks. We each have our own reasons why we put up our Art and Letters on the streets, and we would like to remind you of those reasons.

Pedestrians and commoners may value street art differently; the same way that we do our art for our own reasons. We could say it is for passion, for leisure, for money, or for fame. But there's only one encompassing truth with what we do - WE make art LIVE.

We live.

We live by taking art from our canvasses to our streets, and from the streets to our galleries, to magazines, to music, fashion and the worldwide web.

We Live is more than a project. It's a call to action. A movement. A means of propaganda to get our word out on the streets. We want people to look rather than to see. And we are here to educate so they can learn to appreciate.

We live