February 20, 2011

PSP's Nemo will give a talk & workshop in St. Scho

ART SOCIETY from St. Scholastica's College
will be holding events in celebration of the Arts Month. One of
these is, Take it to the Streets which will be facilitated by no other
than Nemo Aguila of Pilipinas Street Plan. This is a workshop regarding street art/graffiti and
also a live demo on toy customization on February 21, 2011. The output
of this workshop will then be showcased on the school field during the
Art in the Dark event where students will be gathered to celebrate
music, literary and visual arts o February 22, 2011.

*s first day sir talk at onting demo about street art, stencil making,wheatpaste,installations, intervensions tska custom toy demo
*2nd day live art s plywud hahahahaha