April 14, 2011

Kill Your Demons

Visiting artist from Prague, Magdalena Peseva with Vermonyo and Koo Koo
Intramuros, Manila 2011
Presented by Pilipinas Street Plan and Sabaw Media Art Kitchen

Peševová Magdalena, born 1979 in Prague, lives and works there. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, has undergone a classic painting studios and new media. She completed scholarship at Ecole des Beaux Artes in France, currently in residence at Yog...yakarta in Indonesia. Magdalena is primarily devoted to monumental painting, drawing, interior and exterior painting, hanging paintings and illustrations, as well as painting conceptual, such as combination with performance. Formally, her work is inspired by street art, graffiti, comics, symbolism,surrealism. Conceptually, she pays attention at current Anglo-Sax and Hispanic music, feminism, postmodern inheritance and gender, political and religious issues. 

*Magdalena was Sabaw's artist-resident during the Fete dela WSK! mini-tour Ax(is) art project last Feb 2011