April 26, 2011


You're all invited to share and be part of this very rare event that happens in the Filipino Community in LONDON..

PROUDBROWN PRODUCTIONS proudly presents BEN NAZ (Manila's Finest)

"KNOW YOUR ROOTS" a live street art mural performance by Filipino Artist BEN NAZ in LEAKE STREET SOUTH LONDON

About the Artist
BEN NAZ known as Ben Riviere-Nazareno (Street Artist, Figurative Painter) has been active in creating Filipino Modern Arts since the late 90’s. Born in France and spent most of his artistic career in Manila, Philippines until he left the beloved homeland and returned to Paris to seek himself as a stranger on his own country. He began exposing his works starting from figurative to classical nude drawings in which it has brought him inside the circle of one of the most respected artist on his era. Nevertheless known to others, Ben has been actively involved in creating substantial amount of well politically motivated works in which he renders into a more avant-garde urban art style of expression. Creating significant post graffiti art on the street of Manila in the early 90’s. His works continued to evolve into a more modern approach of combining old school graffiti style artworks and the more sophisticated world of mixed media and graphics.

Ben has been working as an illustrator and an art director on a daily basis and was heavily involved in making art scene at night with other artists on the busy streets of Manila up to urban sights of Laguna. Urban Movement had captured his soul to make more of his surroundings as his own canvas, until he was discovered and later on was commissioned to create figurative drawings and this was the start of his career in establishing a name for the modern Filipino Art.
Painting Nude and Figurative became his ideal works to many, but many of those who knew his influence in the Modern Filipino Art, he was still active in performing urban art into canvas but not on the walls anymore. This is due to his past involvement that led him to lay low from the movement.

Manila’s Finest how they branded the artist, his influences brought attention to the outside world, and was easily accepted by the string of political, real life dramatic scenes, heart breaking stencil artworks that depicts a struggle between the rich and the poor, deep rooted images that critics were to call this as an absorbed type of art to name a few.

Many of his original works have already been commissioned and have been taken to account already by most of his loyal collectors. An experience to have on board, another captivating beauty of urban art from the heart of South East Asia. A story of an artist that has never been told, but has brought awareness and realisation to the existing urban movement in the Philippines. His works on nude and figurative paintings can still be seen around Europe and America. He is still currently active in producing new figurative artworks.

Modern Street Art by BEN NAZ captures the elevation of real struggle of life in the Philippines that most have already denied and forgotten. He portrays every bit of Filipino culture on his street art stencils. Something quite intense and different, not the usual Stencil arts that you see in the street. His works are more based on struggle and uprising for our independence and importance of the Filipino Culture itself. Identifying real factors of our own history.

The Artist will be on scene until mid day. Don't expect for the mural work to last the next following day (IT'S A FREE TUNNEL ZONE FOR STREET ARTIST) more likely the next following day it's gone, if not then that's good news. You can request for photos of previous works or after the event photos can be supplied if requested.

Many, many thanks to all.. Mabuhay Kayong Lahat at Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!