April 03, 2011

singapore biennale 2011: mark salvatus via designboom

multi-disciplinary artist mark salvatus takes influence from public spaces and the gathering of
people, then gives back to the space and those in it with his street art. organizing various other
graffiti artists, musicians, muralists, and skateboarders, his work plays an active participatory role
in the lives of viewers and in his classroom lectures about street art (even paint bombing public spaces).

thriving on chance encounters, his 'wrapped' project has random people who happen to be walking
by trace an object they have onto a wall where salvatus wraps it in a mummy or bandage motif.
abstracting and preserving the private experience and the individual's journey through the space,
'to be opened with the hands of our head' explains salvatus.

via http://www.designboom.com/